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Eavesdropping Detection and Counterespionage Consulting enquiries are invited from corporate, government and professional security entities.

TSCM Eavesdropping Detection and TSCM Services US FlagFor federal procurement purposes, U.S. Government regulations classify Murray Associates Counterespionage as a Small Business, Professional Consulting Firm.

Registered Vendor:
• National Security Agency (NSA ARC)
• DoD - CCR
• Exostar SourcePass
• Jones Lang LaSalle
• ISNetworld
• Ariba

Spybusters, LLC dba
Murray Associates
PO Box 668
Oldwick, NJ 08858

Certified Protection Professional CPP TSCM

Certified Information Security Manager - CISM TSCM

Certified Fraud Examiner CFE TSCM

International Association of Professional Security Consultants - IAPSC TSCM

American Society for Industrial Security ASIS TSCM

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What areas of the world do your TSCM / Eavesdropping Detection services cover?

Murray Associates travels internationally for their clients on a regular basis. Headquartered in the New York City metropolitan area, travel is quick and easy for us.

Do you have associates in other locations?

Yes. Being in the security industry for over thirty years, we have trusted colleagues in several countries. Bonus... These colleagues are not plucked from a directory. In almost every case, we know these people on a personal basis and have visited their offices.

We often
manage assignments for our clients with multinational locations, supervising our local contacts during inspections. By doing so, we solve many logistics and availability problems - especially true when several locations worldwide require a unified electronic eavesdropping audit program, or simultaneous inspections. More details here.

Simple solution...
Have us manage your multinational electronic eavesdropping audit program. Our experience and contacts will save you time, effort, money and frustration.

We also offer independent and unbiased consulting services which...

- Evaluates potential inspection services (due diligence).
- Provide a second opinion on electronic surveillance and information security topics.
- Guide the development of in-house countermeasures efforts.

Thank you for considering Murray Associates.
We look forward to working with you.

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