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Eavesdropping Detection and Counterespionage Consulting enquiries are invited from corporate, government and professional security entities.

TSCM Eavesdropping Detection and TSCM Services US FlagFor federal procurement purposes, U.S. Government regulations classify Murray Associates Counterespionage as a Small Business, Professional Consulting Firm.

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Murray Associates
TSCM / Eavesdropping Detection
Continuing Education

If you hear this coming out of the audio appliances...

It might be this...
"The central feature of the GSM-SAMS, is that it’s a sophisticated, totally concealed bugging device. Reporting mechanism through secret phone connection allows an intended receiver to answer & hear what is going on simultaneously in the vicinity of the GSM-SAMS without alerting anyone."

Smaller, more advanced model.

Outline of a Government TSCM Program

Vendor demonstrates surveillance products. Boring presentation, spiced up by the creativeness and insidiousness of some of the devices. Rated PG-13 (13 Pretty Good demos). Cautionary Tale Value = 2 Thumbs Up

ANY power strip that makes the NLJD jump (and many will due to internal power conditioning circuits) should make you jump. Examine them VERY carefully and seal with security seals after inspection.

"When used in the spy mode, you call (from anywhere) and conduct covert room monitoring without anyone knowing. You can hear all conversations around the Power Strip and when you're finished simply hang-up. * High-Sensitivity Microphone."

Cheap GSM bug.

Motorola DTR digital radios.... "In addition to having various radio groups, the phones support text messaging, and sneaky features like remote deactivation (in case someone walks out with a radio), and remote mike key up functions (so you can spy on your employees)."

Keyboard transmitter
(note frequency and transmission characteristics)

Cellular Intercept Information
How Do You Intercept a Text Message?

Professional Cellular Intercept Gear
Google Search Results
GSM Cell Phone Interception
GSM Cell Phone Interception II
GSM Cell Phone Interception III
GSM Cell Phone Interception IV (view entire site)
GSM Cell Phone Interception V
GSM Cell Phone Interception VI
GSM Cell Phone Interception VII
GSM Cell Phone Interception VIII
GSM Cell Phone Interception IX
Professional Intercept I
Professional Intercept II
Professional Intercept III
General Surveillance Equipment

White Paper on GSM and SMS interception

Something new to look for...
Remote Land-Line (Cellular-Based) Monitoring Device
Connect to an indoor telephone line.
Programmed it to call you whenever that phone line is in use.
Listen (in real time) to all incoming and outgoing calls from anywhere in the world. Or... call the unit to silently listen in on room conversations.

Additional similar items available to the public from this source...
(Please take the time to see them all... lest they see you first.)
Listening Devices
Tracking Devices
Wireless Hidden Cameras

Never Assume a Computer Camera is Sleeping
"SpyCam is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP program that, when running, will capture an image (JPEG) from your video input device and upload it to the website of your choice to be viewed by anyone with the proper URL. Easy to use and packed with features!" (more)

Abstract - This paper presents a new attack on keyboards.

"The attack consists in depositing on each keyboard key a small ionic salt quantity (e.g. some NaCl on key 0, some KCl on key 1, LiCl on key 2, SrCl2 on key 3, BaCl2 on key 4, CaCl2 on key 5...). As the user enters his PIN, salts get mixed and leave the keyboard in a state that leaks secret information. Nicely enough, evaluating the entropy loss due to the chemical trace turns out to be a very interesting combinatorial exercise. Under the assumption that mass spectroscopic analysis can reveal with accuracy the mixture of chemical compounds generated by the user, we show that, for moderate-size decimal PINs, the attack would generally disclose the PIN.

The attack may apply to door PIN codes, phone numbers dialed from a hotel rooms, computer keyboards or even ATMs.

While we did not implement the chemical part of the attack, a number of mass spectrometry specialists confirmed to the authors its feasibility."

Covert Internet MiniCams
Available. (more examples)
Viewable anywhere, by anyone with an Internet connection. Transmission via Cat 5 telephone cable – Keep an ear open for sync buzz on the line.

True Story... IT nerds discuss corporate spying - how they would do it. Chilling.

VoIP Security Overview

This just published.
Provides some insight into frequency usage.
Army Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Operations

How to Find Hidden Cameras
Written in 2002. (with reader updates)
Worth reviewing.
"While it was easy to spot cameras twenty years ago due to their large size, this has become increasingly difficult during the last decade. Cameras have become much smaller and consume a fraction of the power they did ten years ago. Due to this, covert installation in nearly any imaginable place is possible. This paper will show methods frequently used for hiding cameras as well as methods to detect and locate covertly installed cameras."

The world’s smallest micro DVR is only 2.5” x 2.1” x 0.6”

From "Matkas" (water pots used in prisons) to "Mickies" (carry bags used by kids), the folks from Spy Invent (in India) have it bugged... Catalog

New Digital Signal at
1.670-1.675 GHz discovered and Identified...
"To support the new TV phone and a wide range of other mobile devices, Modeo has in place unencumbered spectrum rights and the unique expertise across wireless network, broadcast and content platform operations necessary to deliver a high quality mobile TV experience. The company successfully pilot tested its DVB-H mobile broadcast network in Pittsburgh during 2005. Modeo plans to officially launch this network and its commercial-grade multicast mobile broadcast center during 2006 in select major U.S. markets, including New York City. The company currently is working on deployment of the network to the top 30 U.S. markets, with launches targeted throughout 2007."

There are many GPS tracking devices on the market. Some incorporate real-time reporting via cellular telephone, others just store data for later retrieval and analysis. Both types can provide added value by pairing their information with mapping systems... including Google Earth. All may be used for surveillance purposes.

When inspecting vehicles for bugging devices, remember, we are looking for GPS tracking devices as well.

Please familiarize yourselves with these products...
(only $299. - excellent map incorporation - watch their movie)
http://www.pimall.com/nais/tracking.html (several items)
http://www.mightygps.com/mightygpstrackingsolutions.htm (several items)

Keystroke Logger. Directions for making one are available to everyone, free.

Spycameras. Become familiar with the many types of covert packaging.

"Spyphones sells modified mobiles that double as a bugging device. When the phone is called from a super top secret number, the phone will connect without alerting its owner, allowing the caller to monitor any conversations or activity going on in the phone's proximity.

Best of all (or perhaps worst of all, depending on which end of the line you're on), SpyPhones come in a variety of styles and without indicator of their purpose, so that they may be "given as a gift without arousing suspicion." (more)

Using phones as remote controlled bugging devices.

CallRecorderCard is an on-the-fly telephone call recording service with many dangerous eavesdropping / wiretapping possibilities.

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