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Eavesdropping Detection and Counterespionage Consulting enquiries are invited from corporate, government and professional security entities.

TSCM Eavesdropping Detection and TSCM Services US FlagFor federal procurement purposes, U.S. Government regulations classify Murray Associates Counterespionage as a Small Business, Professional Consulting Firm.

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Surveillance Related Books...

Books which are out of print may still be available via the Amazon book search service. Most of them are still very worthwhile to own. For this reason - and their historical significance - we maintain them on our list.
• Suggestions for appropriate additional books are welcome. Write to us with your suggestions.
Important note. A majority of these books live up to their titles and provide accurate information. A few do not. Please purchase carefully. A listing on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement from Murray Associates (disclaimer).

101 Questions & Answers About Business Espionage
The ultimate FAQ about business espionage; prevention and prevention.
(with contributions by Kevin D. Murray)
William M. Johnson, Ph.D., 2001

A Guidebook For The Beginning Sweeper
Glenn H. Whidden, Technical Services Agency

A Guide for Establishing Technical Surveillance Operations, Robert W. Doms, Sr.

A Handbook for Spies
Wolfgang Lotz, 1980

Aerial Surveillance Sensing Including Obscured and Underground Object Detection: 4, 6 April 1994 Orlando, Florida (Spie, Vol 2217)
Ivan Cindrich, Nancy K. Del Grande

Architectural Electromagnetic Shielding Handbook
Leland H. Hemming, Hugh Denny, 1992

The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving
John Hoffman, Jim Broadstreet, 1993, 1999

As I Recall: The History of Technical Surveillance, Robert W. Doms, Sr.

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The Axnan Attack - A detailed composite case history (true story) about how electronic eavesdropping is accomplished on a global corporation level.
Glenn H. Whidden, 2000

coverThe Basement Bugger's Bible: The Professional's Guide to Creating, Building and Planting Custom Bugs and Wiretaps
Shifty Bugman, 1999

Bench-Tested Circuits: For Surveillance and Countersurveillance and Technicians
Tom Larsen, 1997

More Bench-Tested Circuits: Innovative designs for surveillance and countersurveillance technicians.
Tom Larsen, 1998

The Big Brother Book of Lists
Robert E. Smith, D. Caufield, D. Crook, M. Gershman

Big Brother Is Listening: Phone Tappers & State Security
Duncan Campbell, 1981

Bugging - A Complete Survey Of Electronic Surveillance Today
John Wingfield, R. Hale, 1984

Bugs Amongst Us (out of print, German and English in one book)
Peter A. Klüver - Druckerei Kampen Publishing, Hamburg 1, Germany - 1980

The Bug Book: Wireless Microphones & Surveillance Transmitters
(Sidebars and illustrations by Kevin D. Murray)
M.L. Shannon, 1993

The Bug Book: Wireless Microphones & Surveillance Transmitters
(with contributions by Kevin D. Murray)
M.L. Shannon, 2000

The Bug in the Martini Olive and Other True Cases from the Files of Hal Lipset, Private Eye
Patricia Holt, 1991

Cheesebox - Being the life and times of Cheesebox Callahan, King of the underworld’s wiremen.
Paul S. Meskil with Gerard M. Callahan, 1974

The Complete Spy: An Insider's Guide to the Latest in High Tech Espionage & Equipment
Robert McGarvey, Elise Caitlin, 1983

Computers, Surveillance, and Privacy
David Lyon (Editor), Elia Zureik (Editor), 1996

Corporate Investigations - First Edition - 2003
Chapter 5 - Electronic Eavesdropping & Corporate Counterespionage - by Kevin D. Murray (College textbook)

Corporate Investigations - Second Edition - 2005 (all new)
Chapter 5 - Electronic Eavesdropping & Corporate Counterespionage - by Kevin D. Murray (College textbook)

Covert Audio Interception: Volume One
CCS International Limited, 1994 (Volume Two, Volume Three)

The Covert Catalog 2000
Lee Lapin

Covert Surveillance & Electronic Penetration
William B. Moran, 1983

Don’t Bug Me – The latest hi-tech spy methods.
M. L. Shannon, 1992

The Ear: Volumes I, II & III
(Distance Learning Electronic Countermeasures Course)

Glenn H. Whidden, Technical Services Agency

The Eavesdroppers
S. Dash, R.F. Schwartz, R.E. Knowlton, 1959 & reprinted 1971

The Eavesdroppers
Jack Bleakley

Mary Rudbeck Stanko

Electronic Communication Interception Operations: Selected Examples of Possible Approaches
U. S. Office of Telecommunications Policy, 52p., 1985, ISBN 0-87364-114-0, Paladin Press

Electronic Eavesdropping
Earleen H. Cook, 1983

Electronic Eavesdropping Counter Measures Business Start-Up Manual
Ralph D. Thomas, 1992 (excerpt)

Electronic Eavesdropping Techniques and Equipment
Raymond N. Jones, 1975, US Department of Justice, Law Enforcement Standards Program, Report-0207.00, Supt. of Documents #J 1.41/2: 0207.0

Electronic Eavesdropping Techniques and Equipment
Raymond N. Jones, 1993

The Electronic Invasion
Robert Michael Brown, 1967, 1975

Electronic Monitoring Guide: A Guide On The Monitoring And Recording Of Communications By Utility Company Personnel
The Utilities Telecommunications Council (now UTC), Washington, DC 1996

Das Große Minispione Baubuch (German)
Jochen Blumenthal, 1999, ISBN: 3-88963-228-9

Electronic Monitoring in the Workplace : A Selected Bibliography
Carla M. Weiss

Electronic Nightmare: The Home Communications Set And Your Freedom
John Wicklein, 1979-82

Electronic Spies - The New Face of War
Time-Life Books, 1991

Electronic Spying
Mentor Publications

Electronic Surveillance
L. B. Taylor, Jr., 1987

Electronics Surveillance Countermeasures: Volume Two
CCS International Limited, 1995 (Volume One, Volume Three)

Electronic Surveillance Devices
Paul Brookes, 1996

Electro-Optical Surveillance, Volume Three
Gene Adcock, CCS International Limited, 1995 (Volume One, Volume Two)

Guide to Embassy & Espionage Communications
Tom Kneitel

The Enormous Radio (fiction, young adult)
John Cheever, 1983

The Extreme Covert Catalog: The world's most complete guide to electronic surveillance, covert and exotic equipment supplies and suppliers.
Lee Lapin, 2001

Hands-on Countermeasures
("Murray Associates...one of the best ECM firms in the country.")
Lee Lapin, 1993, ISBN 1-880231-15-8

High-Tech Espionage/How the KGB Smuggles Nato's Strategic Secrets to Moscow
Jay Tuck, 1986

The Home Workshop Spy: Spookware for the Serious Hobbyist
Nick Chiaroscuro, 1997

How To Build A Bugproof Room
Angus Glas, 1990

How to Get Anything On Anybody: Book I
Lee Lapin, 1987

How to Get Anything on Anybody: The Encyclopedia of Personal Surveillance, Book II
Lee Lapin, 1992

How to Get Anything on Anybody: The Encyclopedia of Personal Surveillance, Book III
Lee Lapin, 2003

How to Succeed at Spying by Trying (a novel about industrial espionage)
Shepherd Mead, 1968, Simon & Schuster, LOC# 68-14841

Improvised Technology In Counter-Intelligence Applications
Robert S. Ing

Industrial Espionage: Intelligence Techniques and Countermeasures
(Electronic Counterintelligence section by Kevin D. Murray)
N. R. Bottom & R. R. J. Gallati, 1984

The Intruders: The Invasion Of Privacy By Government And Industry
Senator Edward V. Long, Fredrick A. Praeger Publishers, 1967, 230 pp., $5.95, LOCCCN: 66-18907

Invasion of privacy: police and electronic surveillance in Canada
Stanley A. Cohen

Is My Cell Phone Bugged? Everything you need to know to keep your mobile conversations private. Smartphones are mini computers. Spyware can turn your phone into a bugging, tracking and snitching device. This book shows you: how you can determine yourself if you have spyware on your phone, what to do about it, and what not to do. Additional chapters explain other mobile communications vulnerabilities. Comes with a SpyWarn Mobile™ transmission detector which shows you when your phone is transmitting, a private web page for further information, and an opt-in newsletter for late breaking updates. Kevin D. Murray – CPP, CISM, 2011

The Layman's Guide to Electronic Eavesdropping: How It's Done and Simple Ways to Prevent It
Tom Larsen, 1996

Making Spies: A Talent Spotter’s Handbook
H. H. Cooper, 1986

Methods of Electronic Audio Surveillance
Dr. David A. Pollock, 1973

Minispione (German)
Stratis Karamanolis, 1985 ISBN: 3-922238-52-1

Microspione #137 - Schematics for eavesdropping devices. (German, out of print)
Günter Wahl, 1977, ISBN 3-7724-0276-3

Minispione II #45/46 - Schematics for eavesdropping devices. (German, out of print)
Günter Wahl, 1974, ISBN 3-7724-0183-X

Minispione #170 - Schematics for eavesdropping devices. (German)
Günter Wahl, ISBN 3-88976-130-5

Minispione V #174/5 - Schematics for eavesdropping devices.
(German, out of print)
Günter Wahl, 1980, ISBN 3-7724-0474-X

Minispione #383 - Schematics for eavesdropping devices. (German)
Günter Wahl, ISBN 3-88976-132-1

Minispione: Technik und Abwehr des Lauschangriffs (German)
(Eavesdropping technique and defense)
Günter Wahl, 1999, ISBN 3-7723-4933-1 A compendium of the 8-book Minispione series from the 70's & 80's.

The Möller Papers (free) - Computer eavesdropping by reconstructing electromagnetic emissions. Research since Van Eck. Translation from German of "Protective Measures Against Compromising Electro Magnetic Radiation Emitted by Video Display Terminals" by Dr. Erhart Möller, University of Aachen, Laboratory for Communication Engineering, Aachen, Germany, 1990.

Now Hear This! Electronic Eavesdropping Equipment Designs (Equipment Design)
Winston Arrington - Sheffield Electronics
Winston Arrington's (original design) electronic surveillance / countersurveillance equipment schematics (≈125). Technically excellent, with some very unusual designs. For circuit builders with a moderate experience level, and students of TSCM.
(Countermeasures chapter by Kevin D. Murray)

Odyssey of an Eavesdropper : My Life in Electronic Countermeasures and My Battle Against the FBI, Martin L. Kaiser III, 2005

The Ominous Ear
Bernard B. Spindel, Award House, 1968

Physical Security: Practices & Technology
(Electronic Eavesdropping Detection chapter by Kevin D. Murray)
Charles Schnabolk - Butterworth Publishers, 1983

The Phone Book: The Latest High-Tech Techniques and Equipment for Preventing Electronic Eavesdropping, Recording Phone Calls, Ending Harassing Calls
(Sidebars and illustrations by Kevin D. Murray)
M.L. Shannon

Practical Countermeasures for Law Enforcement, Robert W. Doms, Sr.

A Practical Guide to Taping Conversations in the 50 States and D.C.
The Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press, Fall 1996

Principles of Secure Communications – 2nd edition
Don J. Torrieri, 1992

The Privacy Plan: How to Keep What You Own Secret From High-Tech Snoops, Lawyers and Con Men
Robert J. Mintz, Peter S. Doft, 1999

Problems of Electronic Eavesdropping
Monrad G. Paulsen

The Protection of Assets Manual
(Electronic Eavesdropping Detection chapter by Kevin D. Murray)

A 4-volume reference set, with monthly updates. Timothy Walsh, CPP (Editor)

Running A Ring Of Spies - Spycraft and black operations in the real world of espionage.
Jefferson Mack, 1996

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The Professional Paranoid - How to fight back when investigated, stalked, harassed, or targeted by any agency, organization or individual.
H. Michael Sweeney, 1999

The Russian Eavesdropping Threat - Late 1993
Glenn H. Whidden, Technical Services Agency

The Science of Electronic Surveillance
J.S. VanDewerker, R. Barry Ashby, 1976

The Science of Spying
Daniel Cohen, 1977

Secret Agent - Volumes I & II
Bill Pryor, 1986, Eden Press, Inc., 714-556-2023

Secret Armies: the growth of corporate and industrial espionage
Jacques Bergier

Secret Power - The International Spying Networks UKUSA and ECHELON
Nicki Hagar, Interpact, Inc., 813-518-0600, 301pp, ISBN: 0-908802-35-8

Security Electronics
John E. Cunningham, 1970-5

The Sigint Secrets: The Signals Intelligence War, 1900 to Today
Nigel West

Soviet SIGINT: Hawaii operation
Desmond Ball

So You Want to be an Industrial Spy
Louis Moreau - Gozo Press, Malta - 1977

Spook Book: A Strange and Dangerous Look at Forbidden Technology
Mick Tyner, 1989

Spooks: The Haunting of America: The Private Use of Secret Agents
Jim Hougan , 1978

Spy Book: The Encyclopedia of Espionage
Norman Polmar, Thomas B. Allen, 1988

SpyComm: Covert Communication Techniques Of The Underground
Lawrence W. Myers, 1991

Spying on Your Spouse: A Guide for Anyone Who Suspects a Partner Is Cheating
Kelly Squires, 1996

Spygame (formerly Ninja 1990)
Lee Lapin, Scott French, 1985

Spy Overhead: The Story of Industrial Espionage
Clinch Calkins,

Graham Yost - Facts on File, New York - 1985 - ISBN 0-8160-1115-X

The Steal: counterfeiting and industrial espionage
Brian Freemantle

Stranger On The Line - The Secret History of Phone Tapping
Patrick Fitzgerald & Mark Leopold, £7.95, ISBN 0-370-31086-1

Surveillance Audio Amplifiers: The Cult of Electronic Super-Hearing
Mick Tyner, 1990

Surveillance Countermeasures: A Serious Guide to Detecting, Evading, and Eluding Threats to Personal Privacy

Surveillance Technologies: Proceedings: 2-5 April, 1991, Orlando, Florida (Spie Proceedings Series, Vol. 1479)
Sankaran Gowrinathan, Raymond J. Mataloni, Stanley J. Schwartz

Surveillance Technologies II: 21-23 April 1992 Orlando, Florida (Spie Proceedings, Vol 1693)
Sankaran Gowrinathan, James F. Shanley (Editor)

Surveillance Technologies and Imaging Components: 13-14 April 1993, Orlando, Florida (Spie Proceedings, Vol ????)

Surveillance and Assessment Technologies for Law Enforcement: 19-20 November 1996, Boston, MA (SPIE Proceedings Series, Vol. 2935)
A. Trent DePersia, Suzan Yeager, Steve Ortiz - ISBN 0-8194-2337-8

Taps, Bugs And Fooling The People
Herman Schwartz, The Field Foundation, 1977

Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures (TS/CM) Equipment in Russia: A Strategic Entry Report
The Manufacturing Research Group, 1998

Techniques in Countersurveillance : The Fine Art of Bug Extermination in the the Real World of Intelligence Gathering
Marinelli Companies, Greg Hauser, 1999

Techniques Of Burglar Alarm Bypassing
Wayne B. Yeager, 1990

Techno-Bandits - How the Soviet's are Stealing America's High-Tech Future
(out of print)
Linda Melvern, Nick Anning, David Hebditch, 1984

Telephone Eavesdropping and Detection
C. L. Taylor and R. J. Udovich, 1990

Telephone Hacker Fraud Security Systems
Daniel I. Stusser and Donald F. Carter; The Ergotec Group; 206-448-2000; 156pp.

They're Watching You: The Age of Surveillance
Tony Lesce

The Third Listener - Personal Electronic Espionage
John M. Carroll, Dutton, 1969

The TSCM Threat Book: Volumes I & II
Glenn H. Whidden, Technical Services Agency

There Are No Electrons: Electronics For Earthlings
Kenn Amdahl, 1991

Understanding Surveillance Technologies: Spy Devices, Their Origins and Applications
by Julie K. Petersen, Saba Zamir, 2000

The Ultimate Spy Book
H. Keith Melton, 1996

US Attorney's Manual on Electronic Surveillance
Paladin Press - 1988 - ISBN 0-87364-457-3

Voice Processing System Security: Misuse, Abuse, and Fraud Detection and Prevention
Tom Fermazin and Marc Robins; Robins Press, 212-614-9842; 120 pp.

The Whole Spy Catalog - A Resource Encyclopedia for Researchers, PIs, Spies, and Generally Nosy People.
Lee Lapin, 1995

The Whole Spy Catalog - An Espionage Lover’s Guide
Richard L. Knudson, 1986

Who's bugging you?: Inside Ireland's secret world of electronic surveillance.
Brendan Munnelly

Why I Quite Syndicated Crime / Wiretapper / The Jim Vaus Story
Jim Vaus, as told to D.C. Haskin (Forward by mobster Mickey Cohen), 1951 (movie)

Wireless Spectrum Finder - Telecommunications, Government and Scientific Radio Frequency Allocations in the US 30 MHz - 300 GHz.
The ultimate frequency guide.
(with contribution by Kevin D. Murray)
Bennett Z. Kobb, 2001

Wiretap Detection Techniques: A Guide To Checking Telephone Lines For Wiretaps.
(with contributions by Kevin D. Murray)
Theodore N. Swift, 1997

Wiretap: Listening In On America’s Mafia
James Goode, 1988

Wire Taps & Surveillance - Book 1
Michael P. Jones, 1984

Wire Taps & Surveillance - Book 2
Michael P. Jones, 1984

Wiretapping & Eavesdropping (law book)
Clifford Fishman, 1978 with annual updates.

Wiretapping and Electronic Eavesdropping: The Law and Its Implications: A Comparative Study
Juris Cederbaums, 1969

Wiretapping & Electronic Surveillance
Gordon Press, 1986 ISBN 0-8490-3530-9

Wiretapping In New York City
Robert M. Fogelson, 1974

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