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Eavesdropping Detection and Counterespionage Consulting enquiries are invited from corporate, government and professional security entities.

TSCM Eavesdropping Detection and TSCM Services US FlagFor federal procurement purposes, U.S. Government regulations classify Murray Associates Counterespionage as a Small Business, Professional Consulting Firm.

Registered Vendor:
• National Security Agency (NSA ARC)
• DoD - CCR
• Exostar SourcePass
• Jones Lang LaSalle
• ISNetworld
• Ariba

Spybusters, LLC dba
Murray Associates
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Oldwick, NJ 08858

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Computer & Telecommunications Related Books...

Books which are out of print may still be available via the Amazon book search service. Most of them are still very worthwhile to own. For this reason - and their historical significance - we maintain them on our list.
• Suggestions for appropriate additional books are welcome. Write to us with your suggestions.
Important note. A majority of these books live up to their titles and provide accurate information. A few do not. Please purchase carefully. A listing on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement from Murray Associates (disclaimer).

The Codebreakers; The Comprehensive History of Secret Communication from Ancient Times to the Internet
David A. Kahn, 1996

Computers, Surveillance, and Privacy
David Lyon (Editor), Elia Zureik (Editor), 1996

The Computer Privacy Handbook: A Practical Guide to E-Mail Encryption, Data Protection, and PGP Privacy Software
André Bacard, 1995

The Cuckoo's Egg: Taking the spy through the maze of computer espionage.
Clifford Stall, 1989

Cyberpunk: Outlaws and hackers on the computer frontier.
Katie Hafner & John Markoff, 1991

Data and Computer Security: Dictionary of Standards Concepts and Terms
Dennis Longley, Michael Shain, 1989

Data Transmission and Privacy
Dennis Campbell, Joy Fisher (Editor), 1994

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Digital Privacy
M. L. Shannon, 1993

Encyclopedia Of Cryptology
David E. Newton, 1997

Espionage in the Silicon Valley
John D. Halamka

Handbook of Information Security Management, 1999 Edition
Micki Krause (Editor), Harold F. Tipton (Editor)

Industrial Security Manual for Safeguarding Classified Information
Department of Defense 5220.22-M, 1991, $17.00, US Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402-9329, ISBN 008-007-03291-7

The Information Systems Security Officer's Guide : Establishing and Managing an Information Protection Program
Gerald Kovacich, 1998

The International Handbook on Computer Crime: Computer-Related Economic Crime and the Infringements of Privacy
Dr. Sieber Ulrich, 1987

The Internet Age of Competitive Intelligence
John J. McGonagle, Carolyn M. Vella, 1999

Is My Cell Phone Bugged? Everything you need to know to keep your mobile conversations private. Smartphones are mini computers. Spyware can turn your phone into a bugging, tracking and snitching device. This book shows you: how you can determine yourself if you have spyware on your phone, what to do about it, and what not to do. Additional chapters explain other mobile communications vulnerabilities. Comes with a SpyWarn Mobile™ transmission detector which shows you when your phone is transmitting, a private web page for further information, and an opt-in newsletter for late breaking updates. Kevin D. Murray – CPP, CISM, 2011

The Möller Papers (free) - Computer eavesdropping by reconstructing electromagnetic emissions. Research since Van Eck. Translation from German of "Protective Measures Against Compromising Electro Magnetic Radiation Emitted by Video Display Terminals" by Dr. Erhart Möller, University of Aachen, Laboratory for Communication Engineering, Aachen, Germany, 1990.

Phone Pirates
Ian Angus & Gerry Blackwell – Telemanagement Press, 1993; 8 Old Kingston Rd., Ajax, ON Canada L1T 2Z7, 416-686-5050, 246pp.

Remote Access Toll Fraud: Detection and Protection
North American Telecommunications Association, Box 5137, Washington, DC 20061-5137 800-538-6282, 1992 100pp.

Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
Ross Anderson, 2001

Telecom and Network Security: Toll Fraud & Telabuse Update
Telecommunications Reports, 1998

Telephone Hacker Fraud Security Systems
Daniel I. Stusser and Donald F. Carter; The Ergotec Group; 206-448-2000; 156pp.

Terminal Compromise - Computer Terrorism: When Privacy and Freedom are Victims (Novel)
Winn Schwartau, Inter.Pact Press, 813-393-6600

The Ultimate Telecommunications Security Survey
James L. Schaub and Toni Ames, 1995

Voice over IP Security (Networking Technology: IP Communications)
Patrick Park, Cisco, 9/2008

Voice Processing System Security: Misuse, Abuse, and Fraud Detection and Prevention
Tom Fermazin and Marc Robins; Robins Press, 212-614-9842; 120 pp.

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