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Eavesdropping Detection and Counterespionage Consulting enquiries are invited from corporate, government and professional security entities.

TSCM Eavesdropping Detection and TSCM Services US FlagFor federal procurement purposes, U.S. Government regulations classify Murray Associates Counterespionage as a Small Business, Professional Consulting Firm.

Registered Vendor:
• National Security Agency (NSA ARC)
• DoD - CCR
• Exostar SourcePass
• Jones Lang LaSalle
• ISNetworld
• Ariba

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Describe a Murray Associates
Eavesdropping Detection Audit

We arrange a mutually convenient time to conduct your inspection. Services are available any time, day or night. We handle all the travel arrangements for you. Simply pick a time and date. We will be there.

Upon arrival, we can further discuss your concerns, goals and any late-breaking events. This is also a good time for you to give us an orientation tour.

Not what many people expect...
In the movies, bugs and wiretaps are quickly located. Clever actors seem to know just where to reach under the table. The more technically oriented are equipped with the obligatory bug finding “ubergadget” fresh from the lab.

Your inspection will proceed a little differently. It has to. Sight, sound and data can be transferred from your areas in a variety of ways. There is no “one” test or gadget which will detect them all. To cover all these real world possibilities, a synergistic series of tests and associated instrumentation is required.

While it is often wise to limit discussions when in the areas being inspected, you are always welcome and encouraged to be with us and watch.

We explain the tests, acquaint you with the instruments, and answer any questions you may have.

Elements common to most inspections...

Radio Reconnaissance Spectrum Analysis® - a search for surveillance devices which transmit information via radio waves. (New technology developed for countersurveillance use by Murray Associates. Not commonly available outside of government circles.)

Thermal Emissions Spectrum Analysis® - a search for spycam and bugs hidden within ceiling tiles, walls, furniture, etc. (New technology developed for countersurveillance use by Murray Associates. Not commonly available outside of government circles.)

• Communications Systems Surveillance Analysis® - a group of tests which identify surveillance methods used to extract information from: telephones, faxes, computer networks, etc.

• Mapped Physical Inspection® - areas are systematically segmented for physical inspection. Each area is combed with several objectives in mind: locate hidden surveillance devices; locate evidence of prior installations; note future surveillance vulnerabilities; and report on other security issues. This is the most important phase of the inspection, and relies heavily on security knowledge, experience, and intelligence.
Example: A clear thread seen in a drape or carpet may look normal. An educated technical investigator will wonder if it is a fiber optic microphone... and search further.

• Non Linear Junction Detection - areas are re-examined using non-destructive radar. This safe technique reveals semiconductor electronic components (transistors, diodes, etc.), the building blocks of electronic surveillance devices. Devices which may be hidden in - or built into - furniture, ceiling tiles, and other objects can be identified with this technology... even if they are not on and operating at the time of the inspection!

• Additional tests...
You will find that each of the basic inspection elements contains sub-tests. Spectrum Analysis, for example, is not simply radio wave analysis. Light wave analysis is also conducted, as light can move sound too. Communications Analysis includes new sub-tests like Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR) and Cable Non-Linear Junction Detection (CNLJD), used to examine lengths of cable which cannot be physically examined.

In fact, there are several dozen individual sub-tests. Like other diagnostic crafts (the medical profession) we build our inspections by selecting the appropriate tests for each situation.

How you can help...

Have keys to locked areas we may need to see (phone rooms, offices being inspected, contiguous areas, closets, etc.)

Have a step ladder handy for us if possible.

If this is not a regularly scheduled proactive inspection, please collect as much incident background information as you can for us.

Until then...

• Do not discuss our services in, or call from suspect areas.

Conduct your affairs normally.

Do not reveal your suspicions.

Limit confidential conversations.

Keep detailed notes on anything you feel is suspicious.

Think ahead. Plan a logical next step if a device is found.

Plan a program of pro-active inspections. We can advise you on the most effective plans at the lowest costs.

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